May Alayyar

Through her practice, May Alayyar explores ideas of history and cultural identity, with a focus on the civilization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She draws from nature and the natural world as a means to express the growth and renaissance of contemporary Saudi Arabia through the pride of its people.


May is inspired by the desert nature where lavender flowers sprout in the Arabian desert spring and use these native flowers as a metaphor for the blossoming of her country.


Combining different forms of abstraction with representation, May paints by building up layers, as she attempts to create an equilibrium of rhythms and compositions. She is known for her instinctive use of bold colours and flowing silky brushstrokes that bring a unique lightness to the work. Depicting lavender, iris and desert mountain flowers, May draws from her personal lived experiences, conveying an emotive and subjective perspective to reflect the in-betweenness of the changing of the seasons.


Maya Studio

It is a creative space in which I practice my hobbies and support a large number of artists to practice drawing, design and artwork, and where artists of all levels can obtain courses and broader experiences with me, exchange education, knowledge and activities in various fields of visual arts and work with them side by side, and encourage The atmosphere of the studio on the establishment of creative workshops reinforced the collaborative nature of the collective and the various disciplines of visual arts.

During my support and encouragement, I witnessed impressive and unforgettable situations for the artists’ feelings at the time of the experiments, including the feeling of joy, surprise and wonder in their eyes and their reactions from their completion of the artwork and the painting upon completion, unexpected for the result and a feeling of comfort Psychological because it is a meditation and a therapeutic relaxation session in which they express themselves through art.


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